Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updated Animation! Updated Life! aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Finally, a blog post! I told myself I was going to finish this darn animation before I left for Kenya (or at least post it, I don't know if I can really call it "finished," there are still some issues and tweaks that could be made...), so here it is! I'm leaving tomorrow so this is cutting it close...

This also seems to be eerily good timing since I just got laid off from my job yesterday... So I will need work on some new demo reel material... So please, critique away! I'm thinking the first half is stronger than the second half after he falls, so I might just cut the second part out for my demo reel if I don't get to improving it.

*EDIT: I replaced the original video for this post with the newest version as a youtube link.  Many tweaks and improvements were made (maybe I was afraid someone might look back and think that ugly thing was the most final version or something, though I'll probably eventually cringe at this one too...).