Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kenya Sketch Journal #7

On the left are four of the kids that live with the Menyas, and on the right are drawings that the girls made! Everyone else was looking up when I was drawing them, but Rehema was too interested in watching me draw, so that is a drawing of her watching me draw that same drawing of her... Whoa, trippy! The three girls attend Arise & Shine Nursery School, while Moses is a little older and is attending a different school (Arise & Shine only has classes up to 1st grade so far, though they are planning on adding a 2nd grade class next year). The kids were shy at first, but they eventually warmed up a little to Sasha and I, and they were always laughing and giggling at us, probably because we were funny white guys from America. :) We also read some picture books with them and they enjoyed singing us songs from school. Rehema also liked showing us her hula-hooping skills! All of the kids we met were very excited and happy to be at school, and they were eager to learn and interact with their teachers. Once we saw where most of the kids live in the slums, we could understand why they liked being at school so much.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kenya Sketch Journal #6

Like I said, Jashon and Mary Menya are the founders of the school, and they also take care of a few orphaned children who live with them in their house. I will post some drawings of those children and drawings made by them shortly... The Menyas were very happy to see us and gave us such a warm welcome! Throughout our stay, Jashon really wanted to make sure that Sasha and I could see with our own eyes that the school was making a positive impact on these orphaned and abandoned children from the slums who would not otherwise recieve proper care or education, so that we could come back to the US and tell people about what we saw. This is one of the reasons I wanted to post these drawings and notes on my blog. Hopefully I'm being true to my word and telling y'all how it is over there...

Kenya Sketch Journal (+ Video) #5

We arrived in Kisumu! We stayed with Jashon and Mary Menya, the founders of the Arise & Shine Nursery School, which is on their property. One of the first things Sasha and I noticed is that the classrooms are very small and there is not a lot space to add more classrooms as the kids advance to higher grades. This is why Hope for the Child has purchased a large plot of land where they hope to build more spacious and nicer facilities. Here is a video that Sasha took to give you a better look:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kenya Sketch Journal (+ Photo...) #4

We weren't able to go on a safari, so in Nairobi we went to an "Elephant Orphanage" and other zoo-like places to see various animals. I know she's not really smiling in my drawing, but I'm pretty sure Isabelle really liked seeing the animals! She was exhausted by the end though...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kenya Sketch Journal #3

^^Check out Denzel's drawings!^^

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kenya Sketch Journal #2

We heard a lot about the corruption that occurs throughout the government, so I guess Kenyans are used to this kind of stuff. Also the driving there was crazy! Very aggressive and scary

Kenya "Sketch Journal"

I took a trip to Kenya with my friend Sasha recently (Sasha is a guy. sorry for the parentheses but everyone who doesn't know him assumes that it's a girl's name...), and I thought it might be interesting to keep a sort of "sketch journal" with drawings and notes about my experiences there. I started out with a bit more notes and storytelling, but ended up drawing a lot of quick portraits of people I met there, because that seems to be the easiest thing for me to go to when I'm drawing... Anyway, here is the first post. The drawings are pretty quick and rough, nothing very polished or pretty. Also, forgive me for my ugly handwriting, hopefully you'll be able to read it...