Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally some animation, sheesh!

Yeah, this blog has been lacking in animation, even though the description at the left promises "animation and messy drawings."  So here is some of my more recent "recreational" animation work.

First up:  Using characters and assets from the game we were finishing up at Gameloft, I came up with this silly scenario during some down time.  The youtube compression made the shadows much darker than the original, oh well.  Also, keep in mind that these are low-res models that were not meant to be seen from a close distance or at this angle.  So think of it as more of an "animation sketch" more than a polished rendering...

Next up:  "This one goes to 11."  I got 11th place for the monthly "11 second club" competition during the 11th month of the year 2010 (Doh! If only I waited until November 2011).  Anyway, I shared this one on facebook a while back, so it's probably just redundant for most people that visit here...  But this post is meant to compile my latest animations and these are my only 2 good examples, so there!  ;)